Technical Description

Technical description of the condominium and the apartments:

  • Práter Park residential development will be constructed in Budapest’s 8th district, Práter street 73, on a 1,485 sqm lot. The eight-storey building will comprise 89 homes and 1 office. Covered parking places and storage places are offered at ground level.
  • On the first floor of the building a leafy green park atmosphere will be created by an inner garden planted with evergreens and trees.
  • A key consideration when planning was the implementation of a youthful, modern, bright interior. The large windows made of modern materials, glass railings will all serve that purpose.
  • Windows are 3-layered glass, heat and sound-proof, the frames will be glazed with colored plastic foil. Rolling shutter places are available as well.
  • Our clients will be able to choose from high-quality interior floor covering tiles, laminate parquet and sanitary.
  • CCTV security recording system will be used around the building. The garage and stairway doors will use a token entry system and cameras will be installed. The cameras will operate with digital recording.
  • A central heating system and hot water supply system will be installed in the building, with the consumption of each apartment (cold and hot water, heating and electricity) being measured by individual supply meters. Heating will be provided by radiators.
  • Air conditioning special socket will be installed in the living rooms.
  • On the balconies and terraces outdoor wall-mounted lamp will be installed with an indoor switch. Exterior socket will also be installed.

The technical description of Práter Park can be dowloded from the link below.